The Coupons APP

Get your personalized coupons and promotions in your cell phone.

The coupons APP is part of our Digital Loyalty solution and it is connected to the Omnichannel Platform. Among many other funcitonalities, shoppers can receive pesonalized coupons in their cell phone based on their shopping habits, manage their shopping list and browse for promotions that match the products from the list. The APP can also send push notifications and geolocalize shoppers to offer personalized information of their regular store.




Your promotions always available in your cell phone.

The coupons APP allows shoppers to receive and activate personalized coupons in their cell phone and see other generic promotions from the store. The easiest way not to loose any promotion and save money in every purchase.


Create your shopping list and browse for promotions that match.

Shoppers can create their own shopping list in the coupons APP. The great advantage of Good Deal’s Coupons APP is that shoppers can check if there is any promotion available that matches any of the products of the shopping list. The best way not to loose any promotion and save money in every purchase.


Activate your coupons in your cell phone and upload them into your loyalty card.

The coupons APP is integrated into our Omnichannel Platform. Thanks to that, shoppers can upload coupons directly to their loyalty card. Just that easy: activate a coupon, buy the product and identify yourself at the checkout to get the discount.


The Coupons APP makes retailers’ loyalty programs more efficient and shopper convenient.



The coupons APP can be easily personalized to each retailer.


The coupons APP has been designed for shopper use. It is useful for shoppers and maximizes promotions redemption.


The coupons APP content is managed through our Omnichannel Platform, which is also used to manage the other digital channels.


The Omnichannel Platform generates also coupons use statistics and monitorizes the coupon activation.


The Coupons APP offers a triple benefit for retailers, manufacturers and shoppers.

Benefits for Retailers


  • The gamification of the activation process can help to achieve better use ratio.
  • Higher coupon redemption ratio.
  • Increases customer loyalty.
  • Image differentiation and new shopping experience.
  • Additional revenue exceeds the implementation costs.

Benefits for Manufacturers


  • Personalized marketing: personalized promotions based on shopping habits.
  • More efficient promotions.
  • Higher coupon redemption as coupons are choosen freely.
  • Direct personalized advertisement through the cell phone.
  • Monthly statistics and detailed reports of the campaigns.
  • It reduces competitors tension thanks to hidden discounts.

Benefits for Shoppers


  • Save money in each purchase thanks to more relevant promotions.
  • Discount coupons always available. Coupons never get lost, expired or forgotten.
  • Freedom of choice of the personalized promotions.
  • Personal treatment for shoppers.


If retailers cannot implement clip2card, shoppers can also choose the coupons in the cell phone and print them at the kiosk.


Shoppers can use the coupons APP to choose the coupons they like in their cell phone and print them at their supermarket by using the kiosk.


The coupons kiosk and APP are both integrated into our Omnichannel Platform to offer a truly and unique shopper experience.


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