Consultancy & CRM Software

“Knowing shoppers to better satisfy them.”

We accompany retailers in the process of defining and implementing their loyalty strategies based on digital channels, such as the interactive kiosk for the point of sale, the APP for mobile devices and the website. In that sense, we:

  • Set objectives for their Loyalty Programs and define segmentation strategies.
  • Configure a specific promotional plan based on the strategy.
  • Segment the promotions following the segmentation strategy previously defined.
  • Define specific promotions actions for the most relevant shopper segments.
  • Set an omnichannel strategy based on digital channels to efficiently reach the highst number of shoppers.
  • Generate the segmentation files using the Good Deal CRM software.


Our consultancy services and CRM Software help retailers to:


Reduce complexity

Good Deal CRM Software has been developed to ease the promotion segmentation process and to directly impact on the most relevant shopper segments. We can save time and reduce the complexity of traditional CRM software by using predefined segmentation strategies and a very intuitive user interface.


Increase Sales

A good segmentation strategy, the use of efficient promotional channels (digital) and a deep understanding of shoppers are key to maximize promotion redemption and increase sales.


Increase Shopper loyalty

Thanks to Good Deal experience and know-how, our CRM Software and an omnichannel strategy based on digital channels, we create the best conditions for shoppers to always find interesting promotions when they go shopping, while increasing their loyalty to the retailer.



Good Deal CRM Software allows the retailer to assign the appropriate promotions to the appropriate shopper based on her shopping habits.


Multiple segmentation criteria

Our CRM Software can personalize promotions to shoppers based on their shopping habits (loyalty, upselling, cross-selling, penetration), on store visit frequency and even on kiosc use frequency.


Easy file import process

Good Deal CRM Software doesn’t need integration with the retailer’s own IT System. We just need to import the shoppers purchases file and article master file in a .CSV format.


Segmentation results report

After each segmentation process, our CRM Software generates a report with the results of the segmentation process. This report can be used to evaluate the results and make the appropriate changes if needed.



Optimize your loyalty strategy with a good omnichannel strategy based on digital channels.


Tablet-kiosk for small places. Versatile, with the same kiosk software.


Microsite for promotion activation and shopping list management.


APP: promotions available wherever you are.


Newsletter with personalized promotions.


Point-of-sale interactive kiosc: get your promotions where you really need them.



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